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for Conscious Growth 

“The only Freedom exists for Mankind is the Freedom of Thought”

Sunset in Wadi Rum - Jordan
The 5th Sun Age concluded with a significant cosmic event on December 28, 2012, paving the way for a new era known as the Golden Age.
The Golden Era

Humanity was created and sent down to Earth at the dawn of the 1st Sun Age to perform a task. This work was 2-folded: 1. to speed up the planet, 2. to produce learning and experiencing ground for Souls.

With the cycle of the Sun Ages, another important twist on the spiral arrived at its finishing line, the Precession of the Equinoxes. 

These cosmic events provided a new beginning for earthlings and the planet. 

The New Beginnings

As the vibration was raised and the control eased, the freedom of decision-making stepped into action. One might say, it is very good, indeed. However, you need to remind yourself of the hardship you go through when choices are on the table. The more you understand the easier is to make a choice. Therefore, it is axiomatic to say that the outcome of our Golden Era largely depends on us, Earthlings.

A sound future needs a rock-hard foundation of knowledge and understanding to further our evolution process. 

Your Role in the evolution

“Evolution of a man is the evolution of their consciousness and of his power of doing. It all happens in the mind, therefore, it cannot develop unconsciously… Doing cannot be the result of things that happen as the flow of life. Nature doesn’t require evolution from man. It should be natural to do certain things.” (Z.Z.T)

The Djed Column of Ancient Egypt

Transformational Life Coaching

Mental changes, unlike physical ones, require time. They happen in the mind, where all your thoughts and experiences are stored. To start, we must untangle the threads and make connections.

The next step involves evaluating these connections, which can be challenging because people often seek change without altering their ways. They base their future on past experiences.

The last step is to pave the way for a new vision, fresh thoughts, and changed behaviours.

At this point, I need to make it clear, that transformation is not a choice. It is a duty to honour yourself, your fellow earthlings, and the planet to find your elevated self where you can fully benefit from conscious living and personal growth. 

What my Students and clients are saying?

I start my students on a fascinating journey of Understanding existence, the interrelations of energies and the ability to see beyond the veil. It is a huge responsibility that I do not take lightly.
My clients are helped out of their comfort zone and as a Life Transformational Specialist, I place them on their path towards clarity and fulfilment.

PERSONAL GROWTH MENTORSHIP "I took Zsa Zsa’s masterclass a few years back when I was in a new relationship. It successfully guided me through how to deepen the relationship, go beyond the surfaces and build trust. The techniques she showed me helped us get the relationship to the next level. She also gave invaluable advice about how to communicate with my partner more efficiently."
Emily Hunt
LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL SPECIALIST "Zsa Zsa’s coaching and teaching methods are greatly unconventional. Her classrooms embrace many popular approaches, such as neuroscientific, neuro-linguistic, wholistic and deeply spiritual, only because – as she puts it - they are logically related to human lives. She doesn’t give them names and she doesn’t put them into boxes. Learning with her is as if you’d taken several classes all at once. And the result is truly eye-opening.”
Julie Robinson
MINDSET GROWTH TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERT "I was struggling with some issues in my personal and professional life, and Zsa Zsa helped me. Through her unique insight, she made me aware of approaches, that formerly escaped me, hence I became capable of creating a much better place for myself in and out of unity and work. Thanks to Zsa Zsa by now I became much more independent with a lot of confidence, which I never had before in my entire life. I would definitely recommend her to those who want to have a more fulfilled and prosperous life."
Morgan Jonathan
CONSCIOUS LIVING COACHING "My wife and I, we went through a very bad patch after 12 years of a happy marriage. One day, we got up in the morning and looked at each other with a disturbing feeling that we lived with a stranger. Intuitive Intimacy made us realise that our lives arrived at the comfortable point where we thought would start enjoying it without having challenges on our plates. But while we were travelling towards our goals, we didn’t have the time to look at each other and assess our togetherness."
James Brook
Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy