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Atlantean Soul Readings

We all need mirrors and guidance in our lives.

In our Atlantean Readings, we use the particular colour associated with your first life on Earth and look at your hindrances and furthering events related to the unique question for which you are searching an answer.

All our readings are digital.

We offer 3 types of readings: 

One-question reading

General life-path reading

Soul reading

It is a reading for a specific area of a particular aspect of life.

You’ll receive a detailed description of the environment, the hindrances and furthering events, and the possible outcome of a certain situation.   

The 2,000-character reading will be with you within 48 hours.

The discounted price is $30 USD

This reading would give you a general picture of your earthly existence as it is at the moment. We’ll also give you the possible pitfalls and opportunities knocking on your door. In addition, you’ll receive guidance for the best future outcome.

the 3,000-character reading will be with you within 48 hours.

The price is $50 USD


As an Earthling is a blend of the soul from the universe and a physical body from Earth, it is not only natural but very important to understand the soul’s value. These characteristics, such as soul number, soul family, soul’s origin, and contracts signed, put a lot of pressure on the human being you are. 

This reading needs beyond special abilities of Master Communication and Astral travelling. The 4,000-character reading will reach you within 72 hours.

The price is $200 USD

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