Phoenix rising from the ashes


Transformation is a fundamental turn of energies. It is deep, down to the root change with a total shift in a way of living and understanding. 

When you are transforming you unlearn your codes, your routines, and your beliefs, for a future cannot be built on the debris of the past. 

Transformational life coaching is an effective technique for removing bad habits and misconceptions while enhancing your unique treasures. Learn to sharpen and use your senses and communication skills.  

Although coaching is quite a new approach to human development, it is necessary to continuously improve on it at every step. The other important fact we need to keep in mind is that every human being is different, with different abilities, and different levels of mental and emotional intelligence. Also, to understand that there is one life. One cannot get better at work without understanding the concept of living, and the fact that working is part of it.

The key objective of the coaching should be to embrace life and gain the necessary zest for living it. Otherwise, it will be reduced to survival, and believe me, it is not a present place to be. Especially when you are aware of the pitfall.

The other important fact is that everything happens in the mind. Even emotions. And since nothing is permanent about humanity, the mind is the place where the transformation starts.

I am the gateway towards fulfillment. With the help of my guidance, you will crack open the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge that are necessary for improvement in your personal, family, and financial state. It makes you able to convey clear messages, instructions, and feelings through your new, open-minded approach.

My mission is to connect people with their elixir of life and make them conscious of the time they spend here on the planet. Help them live to the fullest and support their unique path and conscious evolution.

T — ies


They are the greatest pullbacks in the life of an earthling. We might call them upbringing, social background, traditions, religions, they have withholding effects on us. We usually take them on for security and sense of belonging. However, they are ties and follow man-made rules. 

R — egrets


They are holding us back in the past. You have done what you could in the past and it is very naive to say that you could have done it differently. It stands for the other too. Regret makes us bitter for the lost time and opportunities. Also, important t know that no-one can learn from other people’s mistakes. Not to mention, there are no mistakes.

A — ttitude


It is the momentary mindset, as the result of the past.

N — erve


Evaluate the strength of the wishful earthling. Gauge the willingness and willpower of the person.

S — elf observation


Self-observation is the start of conscious living. It is the gate of awakening.

F — uture


Discover the picture for the future created by the person.


O — pennes


Gauge the mental and emotional intelligence of the person.

R — earrange


Rearrange the plan and set the steps for coaching

M — anifest


Let us work together.
















Only certain parts of the plan is shared with the person. Depending on the nerve system and the state of openness.

Every human being should go through transformational life coaching once in their lifetime to get aligned with the universe, find their unique purpose, activate their special tools, trigger open their capabilities and elevate their mental and emotional intelligence.

The TRANSFORM method signature program