Zsa Zsa Tudos Transformational Life Coach, Philosopher, Author, Educator, Esoteric Knowledge Expert

Transformational Life Coach - Philosopher

Life is an extraordinary journey. It is full of challenges and unsolved tasks that are put in front of us on the constantly moving and changing road towards Nirvana, the place that today we refer to as Happiness. 

My life hasn’t been different. Due to family upheavals, I have been in charge of my choices since the age of 14. I put myself through high ranking academic education and left my homeland for a strange country on a one-way road. When the old door firmly closed behind me, it opened up many new ones.  I travelled the world, lived in different countries on different continents, learned new languages, new behaviours, new traditions, new religions and went through new relationships. I struggled, enjoyed, laughed, cried, loved and hated on the roller-coaster that I managed to hang onto with the help of the rock-hard faith in myself.

I understand that life only gives us challenges we are able to handle, cleverly pushing us out of the comfort zone to taste the fresh air around. I also established that regardless the background, upbringing, religion, colour and education, under those layers we all have the same goal. The approach might be different but the aim is Happiness.

I learned about the interrelated micro- and macrocosm. I became a REIKI Master-Healer, an Orixa Shamanic Master, and a Phoenix Initiated Educator. Healing the mind and body became a natural addition to my capabilities.

I have 11 books published on self-recovery, spiritual understandings, mental and emotional dysfunctions, astral travelling, and a cookery book about astrological eating habits and recipes.

I worked in prominent healing centres in the U.K. and Hungary, and for well-established online psychic reading communities.

Today, I have an established philosophy, called AKIA that searches for the interaction between earthlings and nature, also Earth and the universe. I am an esoteric knowledge expert and help people to find their purpose. I provide soul readings for awakening earthlings, and all my work aims to put you on the evolution path of awakening where conscious learning becomes a habit and your comfort zone has no boundaries. The joy of seeing them succeed gives me the strength to find new adventures and learn from new experiences.

My students are co-creator of my work. They guide me towards the next step, the next course and the team of the next summit.

A half opened door to the abyss

Author - Educator - Esoteric Knowledge Expert

I am here to gently nudge you towards conscious learning and keep you from losing yourself completely.

As the anthropologist of the Unseen Soul and Cosmic Knowledge, I remove the man-made gap-fillers from everything touched by humanity. I show you a metaphysical structure of the ever-expanding universe where your contribution is clearly marked, treasured and fully understood. 

By discovering more of the missing pieces from the puzzle, the picture will be complete and Life will gain a newly found respect, dragging a healthier and more fulfilling existence with it. 

As everything is interrelated your conscious learning spreads its light on your surroundings, first of all, then extends to the greater community in which you exist, and finally circles back to the universe, from where it originates. 

My work as a transformational life coach greatly benefits from the work of the philosopher. Being able to see everything as part of the whole helps discover health issues, as well as mental and emotional dysfunctions.

Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy