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Against all the misconceptions and confusions, happiness is not a momentary joy but a permanent achievement of understanding the Self,  Life, The Purpose of Existence and the World around you. 

It shouldn’t be conditioned or compared. Funnily enough, conditioning and comparison are the products of the modern time that hit on us after the end of the Pisces era.  Although, the complete shift happened in 2003 c.e. the wind of Aquarius and Uranus hit on us much earlier. Since then, the Galactic Quantum Leap dragged us out of the alignment with the 12 star- formations zodiac on the 28th of December 2012, and we lost Aquarius in the process. 

During the Pisces – Neptune era, which reined for approximately 2,160 years, earthlings were fast to cut up, box and title the Knowledge according to their quite limited understanding.

At the end of the Fifth Sun Age, when the Quantum Leap occurred, the hard work of demolition became irrelevant. The Golden Era opened the communication between the macrocosm and microcosm, giving us a glimpse of the As Above so Below terms of Hermetic Knowledge. 

And now, we are here, in the midst of chaos, created by the mess of floating ideas and beliefs, trying to find answers to burning questions and reach the clear path towards the ultimate goal, HAPPINESS.

I give you some guidance with the AKIA-PATH-FINDER and the AKIA INVOCATION

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Phoenix rising from the ashes


“By learning, you remember your knowledge;

With practice it becomes experience;

By teaching, you remind others of their knowledge.”    


  1. Time is an illusion that imprisons those without courage
  2. Life is a constant cycle of searching for personal truth
  3. Live without bringing shame on yourself
  4. You must remake yourself in the eternity of your body
  5. The night is not the end of a bad day but the beginning of a better one
  6. The outside knowledge is the key to the wisdom within
  7. Wisdom is the knowledge you can make use of
  8. Material wealth you can inherit, however, true dignity needs to be earned
  9. Everything you can touch is lent to you for this life. When you leave, you cannot take anything with you
  10. Only through the Universe, you can reach yourself
  11. The light embraces you unconditionally and disappears within if you let it 
  12. Imagination is the memory of the soul 
  13. True knowledge is untouchable and changing


© AKIA Philosophy®


Great Creator, who created the Universe, with me in it,

to look after and further your magnificent work,

that I accepted in good faith,

but could not always deliver,

because through my self-centredness

I chose not to see only look,

not to listen only hear,

not to feel only think.  

Without understanding nature’s harmonious cycle,

I stepped out of it, not suspecting,

that I would not be protected

and I would become and instrument of outside forces.  

Please, give me the strength to forgive myself  

for every bad deed I committed against

anybody and anything – including myself –

wisdom to others to forgive me.

Show me the way back to nature’s cycle

where I can live in peace and dignity,

without indulging in suffering,

in a place, where love is unconditional.

© AKIA Philosophy®

Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy