Psychological Trauma First Aid

Traumas enter your life in various forms. Regardless of the root, they always cause a psychological break. 

The width and depth of the break vary, according to your mental and emotional intelligence. Narrow breaks need less reparation than deep ones, and as time passes by the gap widens. 

There is a common belief that time heals. Like many similar sayings, it was invented to keep the calm and convey some hope to those in need. 

“Man starts living when stops hoping”, states an Arabic saying. Even though you might not like to hear it, it is true.  

Your thoughts have creative power. It means that when you are hoping for something, you are creating the result in your mind, however, put the realisation process on the shoulders of an imaginary being or shift the responsibility over to your immediate surroundings. None of them brings you relief. 

Since the trauma is in your mind, you are the only person who can remedy it. By time, you might bury it under new unsolved tasks or events but you’ll never forget it, and this wobbly uncertainty will be the foundation stone of everything you do in the future.    

Phoenix rising from the ashes

You need a professional to help you with building the bridge over the gap, create a free flow of energies, and a clear view of the past, present and the future. The longer you hang onto it, the harder is to solve.

We offer 3×60 minutes of Psychological Trauma First Aid to assess the gap, find the root, and start building the bridge. 

Don’t let your past determine your present and wipe out your future!

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