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The Purpose of the Club

In this extraordinary time of awakening, I decided to put all my might into a bundle and offer it to earthlings in the form of a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. 

Out of the 35 years of multiple projects I put on the road while creating my intellectual property, AKIA Philosophy, this is definitely my favourite. During this time I worked with countless different approaches to find a crack in the strongly guarded focused mindset of people. While it was hard work and tremendous fun, I  missed the global picture with its interrelations and the As Above So Below.

In this project, I collected my most prominent signature courses focusing on certain angles of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge, and finally, was able to put them into one basket. 

I hope you will enjoy our time together as much as I do. Yes, I’ll be here for you at every step of the road. 

All the wonders in the WANDERWISDOM CLUB! 

Members have access to:

5 Complete Premium Digital Courses

And the others in making. Momentary four more are on the table.

I create digital courses for you to understand and learn to implement the interrelated structure of the universe. While finding yourself as a co-creator of this ever-expanding, magical space we call home, be aware that knowledge runs deep and what is important is hidden. 

With my courses, I trust your intelligence to understand that changes can only come from out of your comfort zone. Since this place is frightening for most of us, I pack essential information and keywords into byte-size lessons where quality is more important than quantity. The lessons act as triggers for your mind and force you to connect existing thoughts with new concepts to clarify and make them grow. 

It is important that you complete all the written exercises. They are designed to make you think and dig into the bottomless well of self-discovery.

Please, do appreciate that the conscious mind only recognises impulses from the nervous system, it is advisable to use pen and paper for writing rather than using any of the limitless gadgets available. Dedicate a notebook to your studies. 

Even though these courses are complete learning materials, you are not alone. Our dedicated Facebook group is prepared for monthly Q&A sessions and communication between members is encouraged.  


This course is one in a lifetime. It is the Complete Awareness Mindset Formula that according to my students, every human being should take. It is a successful mastermind of Human Relationships. It tackles all issues faced on the road to conscious well-being, such as confidence, resilience communication skills, traditions, religions, and spirituality. 

It teaches you how to relate to family members, outside forces, emotions, courage, individual dreams, and sexual behaviour.

The course is for those who wish to build an elevated existence in life within human relationships of any kind and become a perfect role model for all members of different units, the self, and the next generation. 

I recommend this course, especially for stressed or responsible entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to conquer every aspect of life by fully understanding their personal mission as well as nurturing the noble desire to help others on the path.    

This Digital Premium Course offers you 5 modules, 94 Lessons, and 15 written exercise bundles. 


The value of this digital version of the course – for it was previously sold – is $3,997 USD


Mistrust and suspicion are powerful viruses. They can cause permanent mental and emotional damage to the individual they find. They dig under the skin, hiding while searching for new opportunities to deepen the wound. And it takes conscious step-by-step treatment to get rid of them. The longer they stay, the more painful the hurt will become, and since everything is interrelated, eventually they infect the vicinity.

And that is where the Trust Yourself to Trust Others Premium Course steps in. 

This Premium Course teaches you the mechanism of emotions related to Trust and clears the way of a more joyous and fulfilling living.

This Digital Premium Course offers you 3 modules with 23 lessons and 3 written exercise bundles.


The value of this digital course – for it was previously sold – is $997 USD


This  Premium Course works towards enhancing and maintaining your well-being. 

You will learn the power of nature and the mechanism of healing.  Discover your tools and gain confidence to implement them into your everyday existence. Release the blockages formed by thoughts, food, and illnesses. Help heal organs suffering from dis-ease or became vulnerable by the pressure placed on them. Regain the healing power, the privilege of every human being.

Use the 4 elements coded meditations, specially created to fit this specific purpose.

The Digital Premium Course offers 3 modules with 20 lessons and 3 written exercise bundles.


The value of this digital course – for it was previously sold – is $997 USD


Do you think dating comes naturally to human beings? 

In this Premium Course, you learn the essential how-to in handling insecurity and emotions, gain an understanding of common behaviours and implement the tools provided into your communications to create or strengthen bonds in five weeks or less.

This Premium Course caters to the curious, vulnerable, insecure or confused who are starting or wishing to enter into a romantic relationship. Fear is in the mind. By reorganising the thoughts and feelings the road to successful dating clears and the goal comes visibly nearer.

This Digital Premium Course offers 3 modules with 50 lessons and 7 written exercise bundles. 


The value of this digital course – for it was previously sold – is $797 USD


The digestive system is the most elaborate chemical plant in existence. It is a masterpiece of nature’s evolutionary cycle.

Every influence earthlings go through lands in this factory for final evaluation. When ready, the result is sent to each department of the body.

When I talk about influences, I literary mean everything, such as thoughts, emotions, food, surrounding energies and so on. And since everything is in constant motion, the digestive system never rests.

It is very naïve to assume that changing diet would result in total refurbishment of the factory. It would help, by slowing the work down however, taking certain departments out of production puts strain on the others.

A person be assessed by the state of their digestive system. It is a mirror of emotional and mental intelligence, the health of the physical body, naturalistic and spiritual awareness.     

This premium course does not leave any stones unturned. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the interrelations of energies within all aspects of life while focusing on the final judgement of the alimentary canal.  

This Digital Premium Course offers 5 modules with 42 lessons and 5 written exercise bundles.


The value of this digital course – for it was previously sold – is $1,997 USD

In the making


Have you been wondering about your connection to nature? How to live with it in harmony? What is a conscious earthling? How to receive messages from rocks and water? How to communicate with a tree? What is a Lightworker? How to become one? Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to become an enlightened conscious human being within 8 weeks or less.

All these questions and many more, are answered in this Premium Course.

This course provides vital information on life in general and explains the interrelations of nature and earthlings. Without this knowledge, your life would only be half-lived. This course is an essential part of basic education.

Hey beautiful people! As always, I am very excited to present my new adventure to all of you.

I’ve created this Premium Course because I was part of a conversation when one of my dear colleagues mentioned a few ideas about nature and its connection to humanity. So, I thought why shouldn’t I elaborate on that and put it in front of you?

So, there we are! The 7 modules 25 training and 76 lectures Premium course is awaiting new collaborators, earthlings who want to know more about nature and the self. Others who desire to help the planet and our lives but do not know how, and also parents who are conscious enough to understand the urgency of teaching something useful to their children on family outings or just as a conscious way of passing time.

The estimated value of this digital course is: $3,499 USD


A revolutionary way of understanding existence and the function of the mind.

The 4 Pillars are built on each other. The first is Earth Initiation where you learn about materials, physical health, ties and comfort zone.

The second will be the understanding of thoughts, emotions and deeds, connected to the physical realm, with Water initiation.

The third is a secured connection with the universe through the keywords put into the subconscious. It is the place where the comfort zone is stretched to new limits, allowing fresh air, and total comprehension of life.

The fourth pillar is the open gate to the ancient knowledge, power and strength through the Fire element.

In this Premium Course we eliminate the beliefs and misconceptions that are keeping humanity chained by establishing that

  • The Future cannot be built on the debris of the Past
  • A Construction cannot survive without Foundation and Work cannot start with the second floor.
  • The Evolution of a Man is the Development of Power and Possibilities which never develop by themselves.
  • Nature doesn’t require evolution from a man. It should be natural to do certain things.
  • The only Freedom of a man is the freedom of thought. That is why evolution is possible.
  • The evolution of a man is the evolution of their consciousness. That is why it cannot develop unconsciously. It is the evolution of their will and it cannot evolve involuntarily. 
  • The Evolution of a man is the evolution of their power of doing. Doing cannot be the result of things that happen. 
  • A man has no permanent and unchangeable. 
  • It is axiomatic that science is resting on false or shaky foundations.

This is a life-changing course. The 5 modules, 30 lessons, 5 bundles of written exercises will cause the old, wobbly sandcastle of understanding to be shaken in its core, providing you with the opportunity to demolish it, and build a solid foundation for the future. Your newly gained clarity will allow you to see the hidden importance of LIFE that transforms you into a conscious and valuable essence of the universe.

Without taking this journey you’ll remain a floating bystander in this Great Matrix, constantly searching for a stable ground to put your feet on.

The value of this digital course is: $3,997 USD


This is a fascinating course that sheds light on the foundation of life. 

Coming soon.  It is planned to contain 10 modules 100 lessons and 20 written exercises.

The estimated value of this digital course is: $1,000-3,000 USD


All the wonder you desire!

Planned for 11 modules, 55 lessons and 11 bundles of written exercises.


The estimated value of this digital course is: $3, 670 USD

All the recordings of the As Above So Below series

At least 50 videos – growing weekly – of my debate in the Sparkle, Ignite, Luminate group. 

Access to recordings of THE EX-FILES SHOW with ZSA ZSA TUDOS that is streamed  AmazonFire, Apple and Roku

70 videos

Access to all the videos I starred in, sitting on either side of the table.

47 videos

  • Interviews by Zsa Zsa or with Zsa Zsa as a speaker or organiser of summits concerning burning questions of existence.
  • Occasional free downloadable eBooks.
  • Free entrance to the Summits and Events organised by Zsa Zsa.
  • Monthly live Q&A meetings.
  • Substantial savings on services offered on the site – such as Soul reading, Tarot reading, Healing, and Coaching.
  • Monthly group healing
  • Moon cycle celebration
  • Messages from the universe

The WanderWisdom Club is hosted by Zsa Zsa Tudos


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All the wonders!

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