Elevate your mental and emotional intelligence


Esoterics is the highest and most prestigious knowledge an earthling may possess. It has no boundaries or limitations, for the bridge is built between the Conscious and the Subconscious, and access is gained to the ultimate knowledge of the Soul within. 

Learn Esoteric Knowledge from the Universe for Holistic Well-Being

The WanderWisdom Club Expert in clearing mental and emotional blockages and helps realise your limitless potential.  If you’re 35–65 and want to boost your mental and emotional intelligence, stay physically sharp and dive deep into ancient wisdom about life, self, and the universe then it is time to make the best decision of your life. Our membership offers lectures, courses, group healing sessions, meditations, and real-time Q&A support. Take the first step toward self-discovery, conscious living, and a fulfilled life today.

Are you confused about the Fundamental aspects of Being?
  • Struggling under the Mental and Emotional demands of Life
  • Tired of not finding Answers to your burning questions
  • Cannot maintain your physical and emotional well-being
  • Find it tiresome to keep your human interactions on track 
  • Curious about your life path
  • Want to know more about nature and the universe
  • Wonder about the origin of humanity
  • Interested in ancient knowledge
  •  Want to dare into the unknown
  • And learn about the hidden knowledge
The amazing opening to Petra ancient city - Jordan
Imagine that you have it all
  • Learn emotional well-being strategies and mental health recovery
  • Discover the interrelations of energies
  • Learn about gut-brain connections
  • Self-healing workshops and group meditations
  • Build a healthy and emotionally sound romantic relationship
  • Discover your life path and learn about the soul
  • Find your place within nature and the universe
  • Discover the true, esoteric knowledge of the universe 
  • Learn to manifest and do rituals
  • Peep into the Occult and the world of the Tarot
The Cosmic Interrelation of the Sphinx and the 2. Piramyd in Giza - Egypt

Gain Emotional Resilience for Conscious Living

Discover Emotional & Mental Empowerment for a Fulfilling Life

Embark on a curious journey towards clarity aided by the helping hands of our experts.

Apart from regular guided Self-Healing Meditations, you’ll be introduced to lectures on Conscious Healing, workshops to deal with Emotional Wounds carried from the past, unlock Inner Peace for Mental Balance, and the path of self-discovery.

Learn self-healing, self-assessment and environmental effects.  Sharpen your Intuition and master Energy Shifting. Communicating with the universe and your Personal Guides will become a part of your everyday existence. 

The benefits are endless. This membership is like having a constant, Conscious Education at an extremely low budget, while you are guided, and there is always someone to pick you up if you fall. You enter into a community of like-minded people, and your personal Questions are Answered at the Q&A.

The greatness of this movement lies in the depth of the knowledge it offers. No more floating spirituality, unanswered questions, and fashionable misconceptions about life, earthlings, and the universe.

All our teachings are based on the knowledge of AKIA Philosophy®, the study of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge. 

As you carefully expand your comfort zone, you are introduced to the power of nature, understanding Magic and Manifestation

The WanderWisdom Club platform acts as an emotional, mental, and spiritual safety net.


WanderWisdom Club presents you with ancient knowledge, or as I call it The Knowledge.

The aim is to help earthlings with caution, on the verge of awakening, who are getting familiar with the depth of the matter, and take the path to consciousness. Also, those who are looking for explanation as well as information, to help improve their Emotional and Mental Intelligence.

Like everything in the universe, the learning curve in the membership is also in constant motion. It mirrors the demand of the emotional and mental strain society, political situations and everyday interrelations impose on us.
However, there are certain events needed to strengthen the foundation of physical wellbeing.

Before descending to Earth, a soul goes through an evaluation of its abilities, and the aim is set and summed up in a contract as a constant reminder. Like with everything, it is good and bad. It is good for keeping the soul on track in a form of intuition or as a bouncer that is triggered every time the aim is lost. It is bad for the same reason, for without walking the side roads experience is limited.

The contract is one of life’s greatest mysteries and a bottomless well of mental and emotional disorders. It is one of the most decisive conditions in evaluating and achieving the highest level of contentment and the best possible living conditions in earthly existence. Without understanding them, individuals go astray or find their heads hitting thick brick walls, seeming to appear from nowhere, hindering their desires to reach certain destinations.

Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy