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Mindset shifts for lasting happiness & fulfillment


The whole Universe and everything in it follows a cycle of evolution. As we learn and experience our frequency gets higher and we become lighter. When I say our, it is not only earthlings but the planet and the Solar system also, to stay near to home. The lighter we are the more difficult it is for us to stay within the magnetic field of Earth. Life becomes unbearable, humanity destroys itself and ends a great cycle. As in every case destruction is followed by rebuilding and a new cycle begins. However, the motions of the two poles give a degree to the destruction and building. The learned and the more evolved understand the interrelations of energies with the responsibility towards each other, and would climb the ladder of evolution by convincing others to create and build together; while lesser individuals would demolish the surroundings to make the peak of their achievement more distinguished and impressive.

The Path of an Energy Mass

When an energy mass is destroyed it goes back to the Source, the Creator Force. Logs into the essence of existence and starts building a new one. The physical body of an earthling derives from the ingredients of the planet. The body contains a certain amount of every organic energy traceable in the ground. That is why we recall certain events, thoughts, or ideas from thousands of years back. These are fragments of memories focusing on as much as one can take emotionally. To complete the puzzle, a story is created around the idea and announced as true. The attitude of creating a new past works well, especially with people of lesser knowledge. These stories dilute reality further and make it quite difficult to find the core in it.

Bearing in mind that the Universe works according to the laws of physics, in the search for reality, one just has to follow these rules. That is what AKIA Philosophy does.

The essence of my Teachings

In my teachings, I use the cycle of humanity to stay a bit nearer to home. This era is the 5 Sun Ages time that started in around b.c.e. 20.238.

Be patient with your learnings! It will all come together at the end. I start with events easiest to comprehend.

On the 28th of December 2012, the events of the Five Sun Ages pushed the whole Galaxy towards a Quantum Leap[1]. It means that the Great Cycle of Humanity has ended.

I am not talking about the Mayan calendar or any other kind of revelation. What we experience doesn’t happen because of them, but they remember the Knowledge and spread the word about forthcoming events. I’d also like to add that the Sefer Jezeera or Haya Sophia left an identifiable impact on early civilizations.

Happy thinking!

Self-discovery Journey to Mental Wellness

An Earthling initially has 4 ties to the Universe. By understanding them one by one, the ties are cut to enable the Earthling to gain the ultimate freedom he needs to become an equal part of the Universe. The first of these connections is between the physical body and the planet. It is the whole physical existence. The second is the emotional field that is connected to earthly life. The third is the connection between the Universe and the physical existence. The highest level is the fourth when the earthling becomes one with the Universe.

Earthlings are classified according to their Initiation level. The lowest is the Hylic level. These Earthlings are connected to the material plane and have no connections with higher levels. The next would be those who understand that emotions are the fuel of life machinery and they can only grow through them. This is the Psychic level. The next is the Spiritual level which understands the interrelations of the Micro and Macrocosm. The fourth and highest is the astral plane when the total connection with the Universe is made.

In my work, I unfold the 3 levels so you will be ready to connect to the highest one, the universe.

Have fun on the journey!

Zsa Zsa 

Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy