Embracing the Beyond

Sunrise over the nature in Egypt

This photo was taken at one of the Dark Moon rituals performed in an AKIA Coven. 

The energy of the Dark Moon is best for cutting unwanted ties, helping with health issues, and getting rid of annoying routines and behaviour patterns.  

AKIA is the philosophy of the whole therefore it is axiomatic that we understand and use all the available powers offered by the Universe. 

The choice of what power to use is yours. However, the act of choosing requires the comprehension of at least 2 seemingly different approaches.  Comprehension is the keyword here.

In our membership program, we introduce different aspects of The Knowledge to widen your horizon and help draw a valid picture of existence.

We do Channelling, introduce the Tarot, the Royal Art of Witchcraft and Alchemy.

In the ever-expanding Universe, everything is interrelated.

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Being an Esoteric Knowledge Expert, my life is a constant search for the Perfect Ashlar of the Universe.

My work aims to put you on the evolutionary path of awakening where conscious learning about The Self and the Universe becomes natural and your comfort zone has no boundaries during the extraordinary journey of life.

It means that we will consciously venture into the field of Healing, Rituals, Manifestation and Occult. Some would call them Dark energies, others would say they are Miracles. None of them exist. Without Dark, Light wouldn’t be and vice versa. Certain things we only consider Miracles because we do not understand how they are made.

Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy