Conscious Transformation in the WanderWisdom Club Membership

The never-ending journey is supported from two directions

  1. As you enter the club as a fortunate full member, you will be given the login details of the 5 Premium Digital Courses to take advantage of at your convenience. I would suggest to take them one by one. The written exercises are fundamental parts of the courses. Do not skip them. Remember, if a course doesn’t make you think you are either not doing it right or it is not worth your time.
  2. You will be handed a plan of live events, such as lectures, mini-courses group meditations, healing, and cosmic celebrations for the present and subsequent months to enable you to plan ahead. However, apart from Channelling, all programs will be recorded and made available for you in the specifically designated Facebook group. Videos about important aspects of life will be drip-fed into the group.