Understanding the World around us

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Understanding the World around us (cogitation)

  • Introduction
  • The Knowledge
  • Sion
  • The Protocol
  • Religions
  • Palestine
  • Israel
  • The World
  • Conclusion


This essay is a train of thought on the most important event happening on Earth during the Golden Era. And if you haven’t guessed, it is the Israel – Palestinian conflict. Or should I say the Awakening of Mankind.

Most of the earthly population doesn’t see its importance. However, the majority understands that the intentional wipeout of an ancient and knowledgeable nation has to stop if we want to continue living on the planet. And since there are no other choices, at least not in this physical body, we want justice.

The events we are facing now, were quite unimaginable 10 years ago. I am not talking about Israel’s crying victim and demoralising the world in the process but the fact that now people seem to stand up against it. They can actually see through it. However, the root of the matter is further away than the Holocaust and 9/11.

In this pondering I call upon my intellectual property AKIA philosophy to help me assess the situation.

The Knowledge

Knowledge is a widely misunderstood expression. To make it clearer, I use a definite article and a capital letter with it.

There is only 1 Knowledge: the thorough comprehension of the universe; Earth and earthlings in it. The rest is usually man-made information that has nothing to do with reality and the essence of life.

Knowledge and information are the 2 poles of learning and understanding. How I see it, at one end there is this extraordinary jigsaw puzzle of the Whole – that is The Knowledge – and on the other, an ever-growing mass of information floating around aimlessly. If curiosity strikes, some of them connect and form a co-existence, others would be wiped out or just left floating. The emphasis is on this end of the pole. The action here shows the Catch-22s of life clearly: additional information cannot enter your mind without already having some of it on the particular subject. The information entering the brain is processed by the filing manager, the Ego.  As the result of this action, it might be tucked away into a folder of similar value, or left open to go through further investigation, and there are those being discarded without consideration.

Out of these bundles only the ones with curiosity have the chance of a future, the possibility to make the race and after considerable filtering end up on the board of the puzzle. But how do you know when they have arrived and have the quality to give shape to The Knowledge? There is no picture to guide you, to help you with colours and images. Therefore, you don’t. You just keep on building the board, placing those with logical interrelations next to each other until you come across one that doesn’t fit in but overwrites all the others. Then, the building has to start from the beginning. You need to gather the courage of sweeping every other jigsaw off the board, place the newcomer somewhere on it, and start the building process over.

Some people find this exercise easier than others. Strong heritage, social background, belief system, education tend to form strong obstacles when it comes to The Knowledge.   

This is a lifetime progress. The only way to get there is through conscious learning and allowing yourself to change your mind.


I am aware of its popular spelling and pronunciation; however, everything is energy and the value of these energy masses is vibration.

Sion goes back to the beginning of the 1st Sun Age when Mankind was added to the Earthly population in 20,225 b.c.e. It is a centre on Orion 15, the first star on the belt of the Hunter.

Orion is a constellation in the 22 star formations zodiac that was in alignment with our planet at the time of Descend. This zodiac remained in the sky guiding humanity until the end of the 4th Sun Age in 3,113 b.c.e. Then, the planet entered the jurisdiction of the 12 star formations, we all know so well. We also received Venus at that time, as the guiding ever-present Light. However, with the Galactic Quantum Leap, at the end of the 5th Sun Age, on the 28th of December, 2012, we shifted back under the Lost Zodiac and the years of Venus with us are also numbered. And we entered the Golden Era.

I put digits to the stars to help my students see and understand destinations and interrelations while astral travelling or working in the universe.       

The Sion Centre was the place from where the first 144 human beings were brought down to Toreos, the place that was named Atlantis at a later stage. Although, humanoids were already in existence on a few Earth-like planets – such as Mekhranat, Muskhat and Mughat within the Pleiadean cluster – the pioneers needed help and guidance from above to handle newly formed situations and download The Knowledge from the Homeland, the Sion centre.

That is the origin of Sion. The place of The Origin and the place of The Knowledge. Toreos had a straight channel, a direct connection to Orion. There was another one built in Uruk, one of the seven Magyar cities in Sumer – Mesopotamia, for future use.

The fist Sun Age ended with an earthquake and the Great Deluge, and migration from Atlantis started.

As time passed by, the original knowledge diluted, channels blocked and humanity arrived at a place where couldn’t find its roots and didn’t belong to other organic energies on the planet.

However, we all carry the knowledge of the Universe within the Mind and it allows us to remember. There have also been injected help from the universe through special souls in an attempt to wake up earthlings.

That is how Sion, the Homeland stepped into the picture. Later, the spelling was anglicized and used by certain groups in different scriptures intended to establish authority.  

The Protocol

The Protocol was created about 3,000 years back when a group of people got together and decided to attain and preserve The Knowledge. There was nothing unique about this move; many secret societies mushroomed behind the scenes at the same time. However, this group had a different intention: they wanted to use The Knowledge to gain total control over the rest of the population. They named themselves Sionists, referring to the place where from The Knowledge originated. They came up with a plan according to which they wanted to seize total control over the population of the planet.

During this time, it has been adapted to the climate and the situation. Over the last 50 years, The Protocol was published a few times by various people. I am not citing any of them particularly but grabbing the essence of these steps.

  • Protocol 1 – Conquering the country

Elimination of national rights for international rights – through war, influenced by the press

  • Protocol 2 – Subduing the nation

The goal is not far off – Closing of symbolic snake’s coil – Disorder and bankruptcy – Crowning of sovereign lord – Re-education of the young – Hatred – French revolution

  • Protocol 3 – Why despotism?

Demagogy, despotism – Destruction of faith in God – Elimination of independent thought and action

  • Protocol 4 – Justification for despotism

Corruption penetrates everywhere – Looseness reigns – Feeling for country and faith obliterated – Despotism becomes only solution – Create centralisation of power – Too powerful now even for the coalition of the world – Capital is all in their hands – Masses accept words for deeds – But there is nothing dangerous than personal initiative

  • Protocol 5 – How is it to be done?

Establish huge monopolies – Aristocracy as a force now dead – Complete ruin of industry

  • Protocol 6 – Justification for war

Intensification of arms – Torment, discord and hostility – Respond to all opposition

  • Protocol 7 – Preparation of war

The education of leaders (special schools) – Secrets revealed – A world of economists, bankers and industrialists – Who will be the leaders?

  • Protocol 8 – Application of the principles

Re-education of nations – Dictatorship, terror – Open acceptance and acknowledgement of super government – We have fooled and corrupted the youth – the origin of the theory of arbitration – Capitals will be blown into air

  • Protocol 9 – Trickery and deception

Content with outside appearances – the MOB has a special affection for the clever rascal – The constitution: a school of discords – The mine laid under the people – We will arrange elections – When we have accomplished our Coup d’États – The inoculation of diseases

  • Protocol 10 – The new constitution of control

Our freedom will be gone – False promises to give back liberty – the show army of masonic lodges – God’s chosen people

  • Protocol 11 – Definition of freedom

Absolute control of all printed matter

  • Protocol 12 – Stage managing the people

Our agents in the press – Distracted by amusements

Protocol 13 – The coming world religion

When we come into our Kingdom – Sweeping away all forms of belief – Errors of the masses – None will no the secrets of the new faith saves ours

  • Protocol 14 – Enforcing the Coup d’État

Slay without mercy – the death of secret societies – The secret control of Masonry – Ruthless adherences to the law – Rooting out liberalism – Don’t count the victims sacrificed – Death by illness – The King of Israel will be the king of the entire world

  • Protocol 15 – The brainwash

Elimination of freedom of instruction

  • Protocol 16 – The finger of an invisible hand

Changes in court procedures – Destruction of Christian religion – King of the Jews will be the Pope of the Universe

  • Protocol 17 – The secret defence of our king

Overt=Weakness – Arrest on suspicion

  • Protocol 18 – The yapping of the dogs

The removal of sedition – Political heroism will be a crime

  • Protocol 19 – The financial program

A question of equilibrium – Taxing the poor is a seed of revolution

  • Protocol 20 – The masses are confused by finance

When we ascend the throne

  • Protocol 21 – The power of gold

The bringing of everything into order

  • Protocol 22 – Lessons of humility

Reducing the articles of luxury – Drunkenness a crime – A people of small masters – No unemployment – The chosen ones of God

  • + The root of King David

The seed of David – Our supreme lord must be of an exemplary irreproachability


A religion is a set of beliefs and practices often centred upon supernatural claims about reality and often codified.

Religion didn’t start in an attempt to find answers to the burning questions: where am I from? what is happening out there? what is my life about? but to ease the fear of not knowing. Looking back, while The Knowledge was attainable these questions were not in existence.  

Fear is the greatest enemy of humanity. It comes with the territory of having a mind and being able to think. The root of fear is ignorance.

According to my research, the New Testament was written first and since it needed a past, a root, the Old was created after. And it makes perfect sense. It is a fact that the Bible has been written by at least 12 different people and many years later than the actual birth of the Son of God is stated. Since then, it’s been altered many times and excerpts are used as a core to different approaches to fit the requirements of those in power, and that is to keep people ignorant and docile.

The other valid point is that the Old Testament is widely credited to Jews as a religion. All religions originate from the Middle-East, due to the migration from Atlantis in the middle of the ocean, to the center of the dry land, the Giza plateau, where the pyramids with The Knowledge built into them, were waiting. Everything that moved forward into the future was translated or decoded from the Hieroglyphs or Ancient Egyptian that were actually Marawi, later named Sumerian, Aramaic, and Arabic. The land was named Khem; the land of the black soil, due to the fertile Nile valley. Al Khemi – it is called alchemy today – means The Matter of the Black Soil’s Land.

Today, not even scientists venture beyond the man-made turning point of the Birth of Christ in their research or understanding.

I think it is time to sweep the jigsaw board and start anew.  


Palestine was called Philistia in the Iron Age, according to Wikipedia. During my studies, I learnt that the Iron Age was far before any accountable civilisation. Now, the Iron Age is given existence a thousand years after the start of the Common Era. And the Pyramids of Giza were built not much after that, by slaves, naturally.

The history has been rewritten and it is in the process of wiping off the signs of human existence before the starting point of Judaism.

Predictions aside, Palestine became a state around 4-thousand years before the common era with Uru-Salim as its capital. It is an Arabic expression meaning the Court of Venus. Arabic is the only language still uses the word Salim or Salem in everyday communication. As I mentioned earlier, Venus entered the solar system at the beginning of the 5th Sun Age, 5, 236 years ago. Since Venus was, and is the symbol of peace, it is also translated as the Court or House of Peace. Today, it is widely called Jerusalem.

Just mention here, the bright star in the sky that guided the 3 Kings to Bethlehem, was Venus, and a Shekina was the sign. Shekina is a powerful astronomical event when Venus, the Etherian Hetaera ventures between Earth and the Moon during her ecstatic 5-pointed dance, and creates the sight of a crescent moon and a 5-pointed star. This symbol was adopted by Islam: many of their flags bear the symbol. However, Shekina is a rare event. There was no sign of it during that time.

The Palestinians were Semitic people like all the others speaking the first language or any variations of it. Just to mention, Magyar is the only spoken ancient language. The people and the language were renamed Hungarian by the power movement.

Semitic is a group of languages without representing ethnic groups or religions. According to religious writings, Shem was the son of Noah. Both entered into all the mainstream religions, bearing significant beliefs in the specific version of creation. However, since the Great Deluge happened about 17,000 years before the common era, we are safe to establish that the father and son duo, regardless of their names, were not Muslims, nor Christians and couldn’t have been Jews either.

Until 1948, a few years after the Second World War ended, Palestine was a thriving country with a high-volume olive production, sea transportation and craftwork. The people of the country were exceptionally bright.

The Dalet plan, which was published in 1948, walks you through the demoralizing and elimination project of Palestine.


There is not much to say about Israel. After the first planned World War, the King of the United Kingdom and the British Government performed the unimaginable and granted the land of Palestine to the Zionist Leaders. The importance of this deed is that it wasn’t their land to grant but belonged to the people of Palestine. This document, known as the Balfour document, was signed 20 years prior to the Jews moving to Palestine. However, the climate wasn’t right then, so they staged another war with its Jew-victimising outcome to gain the sympathy of the world and give them the green light. Just to add, documents and research show that Hitler had very little, if any, to do with Auschwitz. It was all part of the Zionist plan.  

Christians in Europe were happy to see the Jewish people leave. They were promised new life, new houses new existence, and they left. They were also told that God chose them as his representatives and they were above the laws placed upon the rest of humanity. Palestine was the land, God promised them. They didn’t know, that the house they were promised, belonged to the people living in it.

The first state of Israel was formed. Even though, it is still not accepted by many countries. Baron Jacob Rothschild, the head of the clan, confirms it in an interview when he states that after 3,000 years the Jews had their first homeland and Israel had never existed before. We might need to state it, for the map of the ancient world is changing rapidly on the internet.

The World

For about 3,000 years, earthly living has been shaped by the ideas of Zionist values. Religions were formed, especially that of Christianity, to weaken decision-making skills and take away the feeling of responsibility. Today, we talk a lot about decision-making, however, it usually concerns money-providing progress rather than living conditions or values concerning the planet.

Judaism is very interesting. The government of Israel is doing everything that is prohibited by The Torah and they also encourage their citizens to follow suit. If you look into that, all the banks and media are in their hands. They might not be Zionists but they are greedy and do not follow the discipline. Either like it or not, they feed the Zionist group.

The Zionist community is working on establishing the New World Order. It is not a religion; however, they use religious establishments for their benefit. The Vatican and the Royal Family are prominent leaders in the project. As we know, European royalty is one happy family.

It is not a fight against Islam. It is the fight to gain total control of the mind of humanity. Islam is a strong religion that teaches and guards important essences of The Knowledge. Also, tolerant and patient. Remember, it was created by Mohammed – a living person by the way – as a philosophy, a mind shift.


And here we are today. In the Golden Era. It is called the Golden Era because Earth emerged from the cycle of darkness at the end of the 5th Sun Age, on the 28th of December, 2012; and with the help of the Galactic Quantum Leap, rose into an elevated higher frequency coming from the macrocosm. This frequency forces earthlings to open their minds to match their own energy with that of their surroundings. And the only way to raise our vibration is through conscious learning. And that is what we see now. The latent Earthly population started to ask questions and object to certain rules and regulations placed upon them by the powers.

We have already disappointed the plan. I am sure you can recall the predictions coming from every corner about the end of the world around the millennium. But with the help of the Galaxy, we made it. We were pulled through.

Humanity was designed for the duration of the 5 Sun Ages. And we lived through it. Now it is our duty to take over from the democracies – that is what dictatorships are called today – and rise to the emotional and mental intelligence where we know what is right and wrong, where we bear responsibilities for our actions, and where we fully understand the interrelations of energies in the universe.

Remember: Palestine is the consciousness of Humanity. If it is lost, we are lost. And in this process, I would like to add, that yes Jewish people are chosen. But they are chosen as victims and puppets of this Great Plan.

Everybody likes to be chosen, regardless of the consequences placed upon the rest of the world. My question is: why does anybody want to worship a God who is judgemental, discriminating, racist, moody, fearful, and has no one characteristic you would like in your friend?

© Zsa Zsa Tudos 3rd of January 2024

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