Esoteric Knowledge

Understanding the World Around Us 2

Introduction Humanoid creatures of the planet The essence of human behaviour The Knowledge we seek The Truth of the matter about wars Symbols The next step Is it worth it? Conclusion Introduction A few weeks back I delivered a cogitation about the world around us. I think it would be useful to continue it on […]

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Understanding Emotional & Mental Dysfunctions

From the universe, earthlings have their own mission to complete, and the soul aspect of them brings in different knowledge and understanding. This aspect is far more important than fitting into man-made rules and regulations which is the basic requirement of living in a society. This twist is usually seen as a mental dysfunction and it develops into an emotional chaos.

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Guide to Esoteric Knowledge for Beginners

The time has arrived when we need to clarify certain misconceptions for better understanding of our Lives and the world around us. This task is not easy at all. The original meanings of the most important words are rapidly fading into the background and if we don’t grab the faintly visible tail, we might be looking at a totally different world where humanity cannot exist any longer.

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