Dark Moon Ritual at one of the AKIA Covens

The Art of Witchcraft

Earthlings have this unbelievably naive theory that they are in control. As a matter of fact, they never are. However, they are free to navigate their lives, and according to their mental and emotional intelligence, find the hindrances or furthering situations to which they want to contribute. These possibilities are what they call choices. 

Let me clarify this concept with an example: 

You have a substantial amount of money and you are adventurous, so you buy a small yacht. You install all the safety features on it and take a sailing course. One day, you decide to benefit from all the knowledge and practice you’ve collected and take your boat on a journey that you consider safe. Well, not your swimming pool. But launch her on the nearby river. 

All goes well, until a seagull, for no reason you understand, flies towards you. However, on the way it gets caught in the engine. This unfortunate act kills the bird, halts your boat and might even ruin the engine. Well, the degree of the accident could vary. Nevertheless, one thing will remain clear, the safety features of your boat and your navigating experience couldn’t help. 

Earthlings would call it bad luck. I would say a bad choice. Bad navigation in the midst of life’s energies. 

Here is the opportunity to learn more about looking and seeing beyond, navigation and the help granted by nature when needed.

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Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy