Energy Manipulation

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Breaking free from Limiting Beliefs for Happiness

It is interesting how we dislike the word MANIPULATION, not realising that it is what we endlessly do.

Living in interrelation, as the whole universe is, means that we consciously need to take care of ourselves, not only for the Self but for the sake of others. 

By altering our own frequency we assist in bringing changes to the lives, way of thinking and understandings of others. 

In this workshop, you learn the basic understanding of energies and the ways to help the change of frequency. 


This workshop is free for members of The School of Mysteries Online Academy and The LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM OF THE WANDERWISDOM CLUB. Visitors are welcome by paying the token administration fee of $30 USD. 

Our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is truly extensive. It offers Premium Digital Courses,  Minicourses, Lectures, Full and Dark Moon rituals with Healing and Thanksgiving, a whole video archive, Q&A and substantial savings on services. And the basket is filled continuously. 

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Full Moon over the step pyramid of Chichen Itza - Yucatan, Mexico