Future Reading

Reading the Past, Present and Future is a great skill that raises intuition to the highest level. Every human being is able to do it just needs to learn. Not the particular signs and what they represent but to embrace courage and allow it to journey on Freedom Lane where everything is possible.

Even clairvoyants have degrees that mirror their mental and emotional intelligence.

This 2-hour workshop teaches you the foundation of fortunetelling and introduces you to tools of the craft.

This workshop is free for members of The School of Mysteries Online Academy and The LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM OF THE WANDERWISDOM CLUB. Visitors are welcome by paying the token administration fee of $30 USD. 

Our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is truly extensive. It offers Premium Digital Courses,  Minicourses, Lectures, Full and Dark Moon rituals with Healing and Thanksgiving, a whole video archive, Q&A and substantial savings on services. And the basket is filled continuously. 

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Zsa Zsa Tudos - AKIA Philosophy