Mind Machine

The Mind is a piece of fascinating machinery. The clogs are powered by the 4 elements. Their constant dancing provides the rhythm to thinking, understanding and decision-making.  

The Mind is where the Above and Below meet through the Conscious and the Subconscious. 

The Mind is where everything happens. Whatever we think, feel and do, comes from there. 

In this workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of this machinery and acquire tools for keeping it tidy and truly functional.

This workshop is free for members of The School of Mysteries Online Academy and The LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM OF THE WANDERWISDOM CLUB. Visitors are welcome by paying the token administration fee of $30 USD. 

Our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is truly extensive. It offers Premium Digital Courses,  Minicourses, Lectures, Full and Dark Moon rituals with Healing and Thanksgiving, a whole video archive, Q&A and substantial savings on services. And the basket is filled continuously. 

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