Secret of the Tarot

I do understand that there are many newly created so-called tarot packs available nowadays, however, the 78 cards traditional deck is the only one that carries the meaning of the word tarot, The Knowledge, the essence of the Macro and Microcosm, The Genesis of Humanity. I know these words sound pretty majestic, and one might not see their connection to the tarot, however, I do everything I can, to unveil the mystery behind the 78 cards.

First, we need to address those majestic words.

  • The Knowledge

It is the understanding of interrelations in every aspect and every form of life in the Universe.

  • Macrocosm and Microcosm

We, earthlings, have our own “cosms“. The microcosm is the place that one understands. The understanding might not be conscious, however, it is the place one feels comfortable and confident in. For some people, the microcosm ends at the front door of the house, and for others, it stretches over galaxies. The rest of the endless Universe is the macrocosm. In one word we can say that the macrocosm is everybody’s strange and unknown place.

And we continue at the workshop.

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