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Holistic Self-Healing Practices for Lasting Happiness

  • Introduction
  • Integrating mind, body and spirit for holistic healing
  • Exploring alternative therapies for self-healing
  • Balancing energy centres for wellness and healing
  • Conclusion

We live in a disturbing time. As earthlings are in the process of realising that they need to open their mind and look around in the world to understand more about the self and their body, mind and spirit, they turn to the internet for help. However, the Almighty of the cyber plane would only show you the possibilities that are already known. Not only known but taking over our lives and mind, leading us back to the place where we decided to look for something fresh and valuable, due to the void. So, we complete a circle thinking that there is nothing else exists.

If it was my choice, I’d never use the word holistic in my work. And I don’t. For me, this word represents something unapproachable, majestic and unattainable. However, healing is everything but. It is a completely natural ability all earthlings possess.

The other expression I wouldn’t use is lasting happiness. People have this misconception that happiness depends on material wealth, a wonderful relationship and good health. However, happiness is a state of mind, a way of looking at life. And when it arrives, it lasts.

Integrating mind, body and spirit for holistic healing

First, I need to come back to the fact that a human being is a blend of a physical body – Earth, and a Soul – universe.

The equilateral triangle, or trinity, is in everything. For earthlings, the most important trinity is the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Their teamwork is the foundation of Life and Wellbeing of an earthling.

This trinity is represented by the 3 bodies, a human being has:

  • Physical Body – Earth element
  • Spiritual Body – water element
  • Astral Body – Air element

The physical body is what every earthling can see if their physical eyesight allows it. Seeing the 2 other bodies require trained skills. The 3 bodies are connected to each other.

I am aware of different types of teachings, talking about additional team members, however, In the universe, everything is interrelated. It means that it carries the same structure.

Let us start with the astral body. It is the traveller. The one that experiences the Macrocosm. It leaps through dimensions, brings you knowledge, talks to your guides, warns you about forthcoming events, and deposits the treasures of the trips in your sub-conscious. It belongs to Air element.

The astral body mainly works while the physical body is resting. It is your connection with the universe. It is responsible for your dreams.

If you wish, please check out my favourite book on dreaming.

The spiritual body is the transport between the astral and physical bodies. Since your physical body is connected to earth, it is not capable to communicate with the astral body without the interference of the spiritual body, that is Water element.

Now we jump the physical body. It is the place where everything come to life. We can establish that the physical body’s wellbeing depends on the communication between and with the 2 other bodies.

The catch in this setup is that you cannot focus mainly on physical presence. Without the essence of existence, the Elixir that is brought to you by the other two, life fades away and the physical body loses the reason to be.

How do we make sure that it never happens? Most importantly, we need to embrace the fact that it all happens in the mind.

The Mind is a management centre, where the data – that is stored in the filing cabinet, called Brain – is processed.

The Subconscious stores information collected by the astral body. Unsorted impulses and emotional experiences from this life also land there. 

The Conscious is the place where the clarified files live, representing the actual Knowledge of the owner. It is the Wisdom gained through experiences in this lifetime, ready to be added to everyday practice. 

The Ego is the filing manager. Teachings, usually coming from the Far-East, pushing you to lose your ego and become nothing, are agents of the New World Order. Without your Ego, you do not live. Having said that, its purpose and structure need clarifications.

I would say, The Ego is your darker side that challenges you daily where new information or experience is concerned. It is your fear that holds you back. Nevertheless, getting rid of it is not the solution. Take the tests and win them. The clearer the data in your mind, the better it is for the knowledge. For example, in the back of your head, that is The Subconscious, you have certain feelings that there is more to living than what you understand. The Ego would say, no no, there is nothing there! Your right answer would be challenge is accepted and start digging.

The filing system is your business, The Ego is your employee. If it gets confused about your position and unclear instructions, it will overwrite you and take the lead. As in every business, it would be a disaster, for one of you has to assume responsibility.

As a conclusion to this chapter, I would say that most importantly, you need to take care of your thoughts to ensure healthy Body, Mind and Spirit togetherness. It is the key to your mental, emotional and physical health.

Exploring alternative therapies for self-healing

The greatest enemy of mankind is fear. What are we afraid of? We are afraid of the unknown. Embracing the fact that you do not and cannot know everything is the first step on the path to recovery. This revelation brings in another discovery: fear is an illusion. However, it can easily confuse your mind, regardless.

We can establish that mental disorders come from fear, the result of confusion in understanding and relating to life and living conditions. In order to lift yourself up from there, you definitely need a good therapist or coach. Although the dictionary differentiates between them, I think, the importance is not in the title, and their work can bring the same result.


The emphasis is on the quality, and I don’t mean expensive and prominent certificates but the knowledge that lends the understanding of how to remove the client from the comfort zone without damaging their trust. Since every person is different, the professional needs to create individual, step-by-step guidance, and be able to alter it if situations deem fit. 

There are very few professionals with this absolutely vital quality.


It is fashionable today to heal from the comfort zone. Professionals should be ready to challenge their clients with confidence, showing an elevated moral as an example of a better existence. They should point out the sad ends of no-changes, draw an honest picture of the rocky path ahead, and assure the clients of their total support.


You need to understand that your dysfunction or dis-ease comes from you, and not from the outside world. Not events from the past but your mindset in the present need to change.


However, regardless of the professional’s capabilities, you, the client has to want the change.


Coaching, counselling and mental therapy go hand in hand. They are deep, delicate, honest and trusting alliances between two or more people, aiming for the empowerment of the client. It is a true challenge for clients and coaches equally.

Balancing energy centres for wellness and healing

Balancing is the word associated with harmony, and harmony is overrated. It can only exist if nothing happens. When life becomes a routine the feeling of security sets in. However, there is nothing to learn there. It is not living but existing.

Constant learning and cleansing of the energy centres are required for wellness and healing.

Your energy centres, the chakras, are gateways where energies exchange. Each chakra works with a major organ. It means that the energy coming through the chakra would affect the organ.

Daily practice of the following meditation exercise will bring your energy centres to a cleaner and happier place.

Sit down comfortably with a straightened back and your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine that roots are coming out of your soles and go deep into the soil. As you inhale, the dark and healing Earth energy enters your body through the roots. It comes higher and higher until your whole body is filled with this beautiful and warm energy. You feel it caressing your organs and collecting all kinds of residues while spending more time with ailing spots. Take a moment to bathe in it. When you have enough, imagine a golden light, coming from the universe, enters your body through the top of your head. It is a powerful Fire energy to provide you with clarity and light. Allow it to fill your body while pushing the cleansing Earth energy that is now filled with residue, fatigue and blockages, out into your aura and release it to the universe.

Now, focus on your chakras one by one. As your mind is on your Root chakra, grab the first thought, picture or word comes to mind. They represent unsolved issues connected to the energy centre. Write them down.

Go through all 7 of them.

When finished, go back to your notes. Spend some time to decode them and start working on the issues.


As the philosophy, that observes and teaches the interrelation between Earth, the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge, AKIA gives you free hands to discover and open the depth of your mind and the Universe.

Clarity should be your priority. Keep the lessons from the past but not the event. Tidy up loose ends before they become entangled.

Reminder: “You must remake yourself in the eternity of your body” (AKIA – Path – Finder 4)

© Zsa Zsa Tudos 15th of October 2023 

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