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Conscious Living Through Esoteric Symbolism

  • Introduction
  • Decoding esoteric symbols and their significance
  • The use of symbolism in spiritual and Mystic tradition
  • Applying esoteric symbolism in personal transformation
  • Conclusion

As we have already established, esoteric knowledge works with the fact that everything is interrelated and there are at least two major factors in every event, representing two opposite but equal viewpoints. In today’s society, this concept is quite difficult to comprehend. With more new laws enforced daily, man-made principles decide upon right and wrong. Governing bodies cage humanity into ever narrowing boxes to mirror their own leadership capabilities, and feed their ego on the intoxicating power of ignorance.

In this process not only Earthlings but the root of Esoteric Knowledge and its symbols also suffer. They are degraded and dragged down to the mental and emotional intelligence level of their users. Their meanings change to fit the new purpose and the Knowledge fades into the background.

Decoding esoteric symbols and their significance

Since Esoteric Knowledge is based upon the metaphysical understanding of the universe and the interrelations within, it is axiomatic that the most important symbols of this Wisdom are geometrical forms. Let us talk about the most popular one.

The Dot

It represents the beginning, the first tangible substance in the universe, the Creator Force.

The Straight Line

It is the evolutionary state of the Dot. When a Dot reaches the level of fulfilment, it projects itself out to become 2 dots next to each other. After endless projection the dots make up a line. It is a very good way of grabbing the essence of creation, particularly because we look at everything as 2 dimensional. I go a bit further and say that the first dot had to go through certain experiences and development to reach the highest level possible the crystallized Knowledge and became The Source.

The Equal Legged Cross


  • First and utmost it represents the Life of an Earthling. When coming down to Earth, a soul blends with a physical body which is either male or female in gender, whatever is chosen by the soul prior to descend. This choice presents the earthlings with a certain way of understanding and behaviour pattern. The two genders are represented by two of the legs.

During their lifetimes they need to understand not only the principal gender but also the other one, so the learning should be completed and make earthlings ready to connect with the universe. The spiritually enlightened and the universe are depicted by the other two legs.

  • The four equal legs also represent choices an earthling needs to make every day. Although, we have this idea that one choice is better than the other one, however, they are equal in a sense that the outcome is hidden.
  • The four-legged cross is a symbol of the 4 basic elements.
  • The four directions.
  • The interrelation of everything.
  • The Oneness.
The interrelations of the 4 basic elements

The equilateral triangle

It is a perfect form of equality and the basic structure of the pyramid in the DNA spiral.

It represents the continuity of life the infinity of existence. Pythagoras observed this principle and preserved it for Humanity.

Pythagorean perfect triangle

The equilateral triangle also represents the 3 elements we need to go through to be able to arrive at the stage of connecting with the source. The three is the symbol of the whole, the perfect blend of the 2 poles and the essence of living. It is the Knowledge, the Haya Sophia. It is the Great Work of the Source, the first soul that was capable of multiplying by division.

  • The 3 elements available for humanity on our planet occupy the 3 meeting points on the drawing. Fire element comes to us from the universe.
  • The 2 equilateral triangles slipped into each other depict the perfect connection of the 2 cosms, the macrocosm of the Universe, and the microcosm of Earth.
As Above So Below - the mechanism
  • When they are fully aligned, they represent the Ultimate Knowledge of the As Above So Below.
As Above So Below - Meeting of the Macro and Micro Cosms

The circle

It is a 2 dimensional spiral, depicting the continuity and the fact that an end of something is always a beginning of something else, hence, there are no beginnings and no ends.

The 2 dimensional spiral
  • The 2 equal perfect circles aligned through their centrepoint is the representation of creation and continuity of life.
The Vagina - Vesica Pisces
  • It also symbolises the female reproductive gateway, The Vagina. The entrance to all the pleasure and mysteries.

The five-pointed star


Golden 5 pointed star
  • Mainly it is the symbol of Venus. The planet arrived into our Solar System at the end of the 4th Sun Age. It was the star humanity was waiting for to bring fresh perspectives, Knowledge, and to ease the heavy energies of Taurus.

Venus looks like a five pointed star, due to its dancing movements.

The five pointed star dance of Venus

Since Venus was bringing new energies, power and the hidden knowledge, it was also established, as the representation of Power, Fire, Feminine Energy and the Occult Knowledge.

The use of symbolism in spiritual and mystical traditions

When I talk about spiritual and mystical traditions, I wouldn’t include religions. However, since most of them have been with us for quite some time, they built up some kind of a routine. Please, don’t think that I want to belittle their power. I only find it confusing that the same religion is understood and practiced totally differently even in neighbouring households.

As I mentioned earlier, earthlings bend facts to match up with their understanding. Instead of acquiring new knowledge or information they fill in the gaps with home-made principles and practices. There is a clever Hungarian saying proving it:  

“Even saints have their hands bent towards them.”

Nevertheless, these prominent symbols make up the fundamental codes they use in their practices. About their purpose? I can only sit down and logically figure it out. I suppose they mainly adopted ancient esoteric symbols for their original meanings. However, without the lack of the knowledge needed, the meaning has changed and sometimes the symbols were slightly altered according to the purpose they serve. Let us bring in few examples:

  • The equal legged cross of choices and crossroads became a symbol of killing, hatred and suffering. The symbol was altered to fit the body hanging on it.

I could argue that making a bad choice could lead to suffering and that human beings kill each other without much consideration. However, hardship and suffering are two different aspects of life, in which hardship is the road of learning but suffering is a choice. Also, I cannot see a clear message it conveys.

Equal legged cross is used in Witchcraft and Shamanic movements, to seal a deal or prevent access for perpetrators.

Apart from the above mentioned there are many mystical and spiritual bodies using altered versions of the cross. The thoughts behind them are not clear for me. I think, they want to ride on the fact that it is one of the most ancient symbols of humanity, and it lends an established feeling.

I’d like to mention it here that the Egyptian ANKH has nothing to do with crosses. It represents the KEY OF LIFE, THE KNOWLEDGE they so beautifully built up and handed over to earthlings. This knowledge is called AL KHEMI, the Matter of Egypt, Khem being the ancient name of the land.

The Ankh - not a cross of any kind. It is a key to Al Khemi, the Ancient Egyptian wisdom.
  • The 2 equilateral triangles slipped into each other is a delicate question. Let us just say that during the power struggles of millenniums its original meaning faded into the background.

All over the world it became the foundation of The Flower of Life:

  • Another interesting matter comes in here with the 2 circles glided together in a perfect symbol of continuity. The shape where they meet became known as Vesica Pisces or ICTHYS.
The basic structure of the flower of life. Christians refer to as ICTHYS

ICTHYS is an acronym of Iesous Christous Theou Huios Soter, ancient Greek, meaning Jesus Christ God’s son and Saviour. This is the reason why Jesus is associated with fishermen in many of the stories in the Bible.

Esoterically, I would trace it back to the fact that Christianity started the mission of conquering the world at the end of Aires, hence the lamb, and the beginning of Pisces. Fish became a celebratory meal, and the vesica pisces found its permanent place on the garments of high officials in the Church.

Long before that, in African Shamanic movements, it was used as a symbol of fertility and growth. Since it resembled an almond, they named it Mandorla. Later, it entered into Judaism and Christianity by the same name. 

  • The five-pointed star is seen on many platforms. Some of them are using it for decoration and others associate a specific meaning with the symbol.

As I mentioned it earlier, the five-pointed star is the symbol of Venus. The planet that arrived into our solar system at the 4th sun age, around 5300 years ago, was much awaited by earthling, to bring peace and knowledge. It wasn’t called Venus then but probably had a name associated with peace. The name we use today is the Latin version of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess.

As far as I can trace it back, her name was Salem or Salim, the Arabic word for peace. Today’s Jerusalem, the ancient capital of Palestine bore the name Uru-Salim, the courtyard of peace or Venus. The Arabic greeting Asalamu Aleikum means I come with peace. There is Dar El-Salaam, the house of Peace, and also a country called Negara Brunei Darussalam.    

The five-pointed star with a crescent moon decorates many flags and institutions of Islamic countries. This is the symbol of Shekina, a rare cosmic phenomenon, when Venus – being an Ethereal Hetaerae – moves between Earth and the Moon for a short period of time.


This is a photo I took in Brazil of a near Shekina event.

  • Another common use of the five-pointed star is on the top of the Christmas tree. I presume it is there to represent the 3 Kings’ arrival for the celebration when the light is born. However, from Esoteric point of view, it is few thousand years too late. Venus was with us; the light had already born.
  • The five-pointed star is the symbol of Occult, the hidden Esoteric Knowledge. The pentacle is used in Witchcraft and Shamanic celebrations.

We find many of these symbols in architecture and city planning.

Applying esoteric symbolism in personal transformation

These symbols are very powerful because they carry important meanings. However, as their original understandings are diluted or even purposefully messed up, we need to be careful when using them as aids in personal development.

Personal transformation is the result of learning. Wearing a pendant or a tattoo of esoteric forms would not have the same effect as using your brain. Sometimes, they even become hindrances or bring further confusion to a scattered mind.

I would suggest digging deep into the original meaning of the symbol you are about to use. Then find a coach or a teacher who is able to supervise your moves and entrust you with the next step you need to take.

Reminder: “The outside knowledge is the key to Wisdom within” (AKIA – Path – Finder 6)

© Zsa Zsa Tudos 3rd of October 2023


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