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How to implement Esoteric Knowledge into Healing & Wellness

  • Introduction
  • Understanding energy healing and its Esoteric roots
  • Esoteric practices to improve mental & physical health
  • Integrating Esoteric knowledge into holistic wellness routines
  • Conclusion


I need to start with a clarification. In the universe, everything is energy in the sense of physics that esoteric knowledge and also AKIA philosophy consider to be the foundation of global understanding. In this sense, everything possesses the attributes of energy, such as colour, taste, smell, sound, substance, frequency, speed and polarity. Some of these characteristics interrelate. It means that those higher in frequency would be projecting a lighter colour, higher pitch sound, move faster and be less dense in substance.

These features allow us to observe the energy’s real value rather than stop on the surface. They take us beyond everyday understandings and provide us with clearer vision. This fascinating realm is open to earthling using the sixth sense. In Far-Eastern spirituality it is referred to as the third eye. However, like with everything important, the third eye has also been belittled and simplified.

Earthlings have the strong inclination to alter new information to fit their individual understanding that mirrors their emotional and mental intelligence. They claim to achieve a height by bringing it down to their level rather than making an effort of climbing up to it.

The third eye is the 5 senses altogether, sharpened to a degree when an earthling is capable to see, hear, taste, smell and feel the energies and energy messes that are not visible to a naked eye. Conscious work on the senses would bring the required result. This kind of clarity is needed in esoteric energy healing.  

When I say everything is energy, I mean everything is energy. We do not have energy but we are energy substances with the mentioned attributes. These characteristics are clearly shown in the extension of the energy mass, the aura. It also shows that this energy mess constantly changes in colour, according to the movement within the form. Understanding these changes undermines the theory of permanent colours associated with certain energy gateways.

In AKIA Philosophy, I call energies Knowledge, for they have all the information concerning the subject. In the case of a human being, a prominent seer could assess the past, present and future of the person, including the origin of their soul, their soul number, the contract it signed before ascending to Earth, the present mental and emotional intelligence, and the state of their health. This phenomenon is used in Esoteric Healing, Energy Assessment of a situation or event and most importantly, in Soul Reading.

Understanding energy healing and its esoteric roots

Healing is the collective word for recuperating and taking care of the body, mind and spirit of organic energies with the help of nature, meaning organic energies.

When I say nature, I mean living organisms of the evolution cycle that are capable of cell reproduction. Although earthlings are not part of this progression, they are organic with the mentioned ability. It is due to the fact that an earthling is a blend of a soul – from the macrocosm – and a physical body – from the microcosm.

In healing there is no machinery; the healer is the channel between the patient and nature. It requires a deep understanding of the interrelations within the structure, clear vision, ability to keep at the back while the energy flows. In addition, it is useful if the healer is capable of manipulating the energies received from the universe, changing its colour, polarity and frequency. 

An esoteric way of thinking and looking at the world is a compact wholistic understanding of the energy movement and exchange. My choice of word is not a typo, for the commonly used holistic has a religious inclination that I want to avoid. Due to the background, its meaning cannot be defined and is also limited to some kind of imagination. In the Esoteric world, where physics and mathematics are providing the rock-solid base, facts are a must.

Well, it is easier said than done. Today, when uncertainty rules, facts seem to take on a flexible characteristic and are freely bent to serve the wishes or limited understanding of the masses. That is where the energy reading ability comes in handy.

In order to comprehend the structure of energy healing we need to establish that everything in the Universe is made up of segments. They are responsible for the constant motion within. Each segment, like every energy mass in the universe, has 2 polarities, one of them is more prominent.

As a result, every energy mass is considered to be either positive or negative in polarity. Positive and negative have nothing to do with the altered and confused meanings they are given by the mass consciousness. They are neither bad nor good.

Thought forms, impulses and effects gather segments of the same polarity to give support to ideas. When another task enters, they move to a different location. It is all well for the constant argument of the 2 poles keeps them going.

The trouble starts when segments remain in the group permanently. It happens when the human being is unable to release an experience, a thought or a feeling and creates a still – therefore dead – patch within the body which develops into a physical unease, pain and eventually illness. With healing, we reorganize the segments and restart the motion.

Esoteric healing work is conducted through the energy centres we usually refer to by their Sanskrit name as chakras.

Organic energy masses have 7 major chakras through which the exchange of energy is conducted. They are vortex-like junctions where energy lines meet. Imagine different types of roundabouts. The smallest is where 2 roads meet. There are bigger ones with additional roads and there are those on the highways, where major motorways meet. In the case of chakras, the roundabout or vortex is not designed but naturally created by the meeting energy lines. There is an order in the flow; within one line the traffic goes one way. There are separate lines for different directions. Exactly like roads. Well, they might have 2 ways traffic but they are actually separate entities, they only meet at junctions.  

Each of these centres is connected to a major organ. Every thought form related to the energy centre affects this organ first of all. That is why people suffering from depression usually have kidney problems, worries sit in their digestive system and people with bitterness will develop gallbladder-related diseases.

The steps I take in my healing practice are as follows:

  • I go through a certain cleansing ritual or meditation to bring me up to the required energy level.
  • Then comes the reading. It means that I assess the energy mass that needs my attention.
  • The next step would be to find the root of the malady.
  • Treat the physical dysfunction

Create a routine to heal the emotional and mental aspects of the illness with the patient’s help. 

Esoteric practices to improve mental and physical health

Being outsiders creates a unique challenge for mankind. Their lives and subsequently their health depend on their skills of mastering the delicate balance of fitting in while pursuing the knowledge of the macrocosm and creating their living conditions accordingly. Balance and harmony have been prominent expressions in the search of earthlings, without real understanding of the meaning.

The vast majority of humanity thinks that harmony is when you have everything and everybody you supposedly need for happiness, not realizing that everything is in constant motion and goes through changes on the road therefore, it cannot be achieved. Also, the list for fulfillment is just an illusion. It will never get fulfilled.

The balance of fitting into nature’s cycle while searching for macrocosmic knowledge is the only harmony available for mankind, and understanding this draws the road toward happiness. This train of thought establishes an important and often overlooked conclusion, that Happiness is a philosophy and not a momentary joy. It is a mindset only be achieved by learning and understanding the interrelations of events.

Esoteric practices require esoteric knowledge. Or we might just refer to it as Knowledge. Asking questions is a good start to acquire information and use it as a hook to bring in more.

In practice, it is always a good idea to start at home.

  • Make regular inventories of yourself and your life. First, start with consciously observing your characteristics. If you find something you are not greatly fond of, create the opportunity to alter it if possible. If not, you better start loving it. Remember, everybody has flaws and merits and you are not an exception. The only person whose opinion counts when it is about you is yourself.
  • Avoid having a low opinion of yourself. Judging is not an attractive quality in esoteric practices.
  • Here is my motto: EVERYBODY IS GIVING 100% OF THEIR CAPABILITY AT EVERY GIVEN MOMENT. Remember this when you put guilt on others or yourself.
  • You should always have a plan, according to which, you choose the path to follow.
  • Take long walks in the fresh air. Exercise regularly.

Last, but not least, always have a pen and paper with you, to jot down your thoughts. I know you have all the gadgets; however, your conscious mind only recognizes the impulses from your fingers as you form the letters.

Integrating Esoteric knowledge into holistic wellness routines

Since it all happens in the mind, an esoteric practitioner pays great attention to their thoughts. They are organic energies and as such, possess creative power. Give yourself five minutes in the morning to tidy up loose ends, using a pen and paper to aid you.

In emotional wellbeing strategies the next step should be the cleansing of the physical body. There is a simple meditation practice I use with my students.

Sit down comfortably with a straightened back and your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine that roots are coming out of your soles and going deep into the soil. As you inhale, the dark and healing Earth energy enters your body through the roots. It comes higher and higher until your whole body is filled with this beautiful and warm energy. You feel it caressing your organs and collecting all kinds of residues while spending more time with ailing spots. Take a moment to bathe in it. When you have enough, imagine a golden light, coming from the universe, enters your body through the top of your head. It is a powerful Fire energy to provide you with clarity and light. Allow it to fill your body while pushing the cleansing Earth energy that is now filled with residue, fatigue and blockages, out into your aura and release it to the universe.

And here you are, with your golden self, ready to conquer the challenges put in front of you by mentally and emotionally trying situations.

This mental health recovery routine is useful at the end of the day. Don’t forget the pen and paper. Cleanse your thoughts and quieten your emotions before your head hits the pillow.

An esoteric practitioner consciously working on expanding the comfort zone. Challenge yourself with changed routines and observe the world around you.

Learn others, instead of judging. There is no right and wrong, only different.


Proper healing, without machinery, pharmaceutical medication, and side effects can only happen with a clear understanding of the energy structures within the patient. It requires deep knowledge of the Esoteric approach where a human being doesn’t finish with the physical body but expands into the macrocosm.


  • First of all, I’d like to emphasise that every soul living on Earth is a born healer. It is a built-in privilege. Some of us have it near the surface, providing easy access, and others might not even realise having it due to the layers put on by society, education, family, traditions and religions. Whatever the case is, the abilities need channelling and conscious learning.
  • There are again different types of teachings about the chakras, their number, place and colour. These theories come from Far-Eastern teachings and they carry the permanence put on them by Hinduism.
  • The key sentence you need to remember is that everything is in constant motion! It has to be because that is how particles are kept together by magnetic forces. Even non-organic energies, such as a table have movements and magnetic power in them. Put your hand above a table, about 2 inches away; you can feel the aura of the table. If there is aura, there is movement.
  • The second key sentence is closely related to the first one: since everything is in motion the chakras cannot take on certain colours permanently. I think with the 7 colours of the rainbow, usually representing energy centres, they wanted to illustrate that 7 is one of the main creative numbers and every colour derives from these. The colours on your aura photo would be different from the one taken a day or month ago, depending on the changes in your thoughts, and values.
  • The third very important sentence is, again it logically comes from the first one that the places of the energy centres are semi-permanent due to the changes presented by the evolutionary procedure of the human body.
  • The fourth important thought is that we have many energy centres, however, as major chakras, number 7 has to be observed. All the rest are lesser chakras. Not less important but they have fewer energy lines crossing at them.

Another reminder: “The True Knowledge is Untouchable and changing” (AKIA – Path – Finder 13)

© Zsa Zsa Tudos 29th of September 2023

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