Understanding the World Around Us 2

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  • Introduction
  • Humanoid creatures of the planet
  • The essence of human behaviour
  • The Knowledge we seek
  • The Truth of the matter about wars
  • Symbols
  • The next step
  • Is it worth it?
  • Conclusion


A few weeks back I delivered a cogitation about the world around us. I think it would be useful to continue it on a more serious note.

I called it a cogitation not because it wasn’t true but because I wanted to open your mind and give you information before we get to the depth of the matter.

Life, as we know is changing very rapidly. The roots of events we are facing at the moment go deep into the past, as far as the beginning. But what do we consider the beginning?

Due to the 2 thousand years aggressive brainwashing, even the brightest of the mind would consider the birth of Christ to be the beginning. As if had nothing existed before. On the other hand, there is the evolution process, contradicting the whole Christian Mythology. Although, the two concepts don’t have a meeting point, they seem to go hand in hand very comfortably. It might sound trivial; however, the embrace of these floating understandings cannot provide a solid base for a future. 

Humanoid creatures of the planet

The title of this section by itself destroys the two mentioned approaches. Taking the Christian approach would mean that all creatures were created by God, although, no one explains that who created God. And the evolution would show the millions of years of development line.

I added this segment to my talk because many ideas are running loose at the moment and I want to clarify them, at least on the surface.

Talking about the creatures of the planet we need to mention creation, since creatures are created.

The essence of creation is the evolution from the smallest organic particle to the sophisticated body of mankind. I mention body of mankind and not a human being.

A human being, as I call us, an earthling, is the blend of this body and a soul. During their existence on Earth, they cannot be separated and they cannot function separately. The soul brings in the knowledge and intelligence. Without it, the body is an animal like, tameable creature with brain but not a mind, therefore without the ability to reason. They are usually referred to as soul-less people, I consider them to be the new generation.

You might want to ask the question: why do a soul needs a physical existence? It is simple, really. A soul is a knowledge that multiplies by division. In order to arrive to that state, the soul constantly needs to learn. The only way to do it is by experience. Earthly existence provides a unique opportunity for it, due to the fact that souls can only survive here with the help of a physical body. The planet’s magnetic aura doesn’t allow energies through from the universe and all the exchange happens in the digestive system provided by the physical existence. It takes in tangible organic energies to keep the body alive.

During the 22-thousand years, bodies, that experienced a soul cooperation mutate and develop unique body functions and capabilities. It usually happens when souls from underwater or underground civilisations manage to come to the surface.

The essence of human behaviour

First of all, I want to tell you that I am not going to get into secret societies and conspiracy theories. Not because they don’t exist but because we shouldn’t get lost in the details but understand the mere concept behind them.

Secrets are always intriguing. There is something exciting, powerful and fearful about them. Most people would say they don’t like secrets. It is natural, because they don’t want to be taken out of their comfort zone and face challenges.

However, if you don’t know about the existence of something, it is lack of information rather than a secret. On the other hand, if you know about something, it is not a secret any longer.

So, how does this business work? Information is needed all the time. They are the triggers to open the subconscious and search for knowledge related to the initial information. Depending on your mental and emotional intelligence, it will take you a certain length of time to enter the next step of your journey where you’ll be collecting more data to provide new keywords. And it goes on and on and on.

Difficulty arises when the subconscious is blocked, hence communication between the so called or understood reality and the Knowledge is stopped, or has never been initiated. This state is what I call naivety or ignorance. According to the Bible, this group of people are blessed for they have the Bliss. It means that they are unaware of the reality and take everything they are given by those in power.

The Knowledge we seek

What is this Knowledge we talk about? This Knowledge is the Great Matrix of the Universe. Through Knowledge we come to understand life, history, humanity, power struggles, symbols, energies, vibration, nature and so on.

Knowledge provides the missing jigsaws in every story, every event and every confusion. The power of nature, words, deeds and thoughts. It is the interrelated fusion of the universe. The As Above So Below. The Whys and Why nots.

The Knowledge helps you see the consequences of your choices. The roots of your traditions and their place in your present and future. The origin of your belief system and its impact on your everyday moves. It makes you understand that whatever it touches, humanity destroys everything, for it takes them out of their natural environment and evolution cycle to fit their personal requirements. The Knowledge takes you further than you can imagine. Not only to help your self-assessment, self-discovery and self-empowerment but to embrace all the tools given to you as a human being. You learn to make use of these tools and advance your life by seeing beyond, and comprehend your choices and your responsibilities as a co-creator.

My intellectual property, AKIA Philosophy is the study of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge. It is the philosophy that sets you free. It is the board for the jigsaw puzzle of the universe where new pieces are continuously added. AKIA Philosophy puts together the perfect ashlar of the universe. Without man-made gap-fillers.

The Knowledge is the single most important possession of every human being. The Knowledge that sets you free.

The truth of the matter about wars

Although, we are informed otherwise, wars are always for The Knowledge. While conscious consideration, even in the minds of the aggressors is rapidly waning out, the energy and vibration of The Light pulls in The Dark. We might even say, opposites attract, however, reality goes far deeper.

The Dark and The Light are the mirrors of the same thing. As in human existence, they create the necessary motion for life. They are the Conscious and the Subconscious. The first houses the material and everything tangible while the latter gets into connection with The Knowledge and allows it to fight its battle with The Dark, that is the Conscious. Depending on the mental and emotional intelligence of the people involved it might be a lengthy and even painful progress.

The Light doesn’t want to and cannot overtake The Dark forcefully because the path leads upward, and the higher vibration light energy would disappear in the denser low frequency abyss.

It is like in everyday living. Ignorant people can eat you up. There is no way to argue or converse with them for they do not have enough information to enter into valuable exchange of thought. They degrade you, forcefully push you down and if you are not strong enough, convince you to take their side. They use all the dark tools planted by their peers and force-feed you with them until you choke. Does it sound familiar?

In wars, the oppressor is always The Dark. It is due to the factor that the growing Light provides clearer understanding of human life, Earth and the Universe. The Light can see or at least sense the outcome and with deep conviction it hangs onto the only freedom possible for an earthling, the freedom of thought.

Nevertheless, the path of life is always towards The Light for it is the evolution that cannot be suppressed or turned back. There are also the planetary influences, the constant motion and the interrelation of energies in the universe. If you understand these factors, you allowed The Light to penetrate your thoughts and started your journey to reach the happiness you deserve. This path runs parallel with evolution therefore, the experiences gained, cannot be totally extinguished and it feels natural to walk it.

On the other hand, The Dark only feels safe in darkness. It is the creation of the Conscious and the Ego. All are Material bound. In the fear of losing the power and turn greyish or even lighter, The Dark doesn’t stop running after The Light. 

In the present situation, a clearer understanding of powers is a must. Although it looks as if Judaism and Islam are fighting with each other, however, it is a consciously generated war to strengthen Christianity and the power of Vatican. Look at the world! Prominent financial institutions such as the City of London, are owned by the remnants of the Roman Empire, who’s blood thirsty colonisation habits have never disappeared, only altered to fit the waning emotional and mental intelligence of humanity.


With the Golden Era we entered into the world of Chaos. It means that life needs to be revaluated, so do the symbols we use. The shift actually happened 12 years ago, on the 28th of December 2012 when Earth, together with the Kabutoreos (Milky Way) Galaxy, leaped up on the DNA spiral of evolution. With this event a new phase of human existence started. 

How does it affect the symbols?

Symbols are powerful energy shifters that aid the purpose of the user. However, as with everything, symbols went through distortions throughout the 5 Sun Ages, especially that of the 5th. It lasted for 5125 years, until the Galactic Quantum Leap in 2012. According to the prediction of Maya, it is the time of the Sun and Fire. The planet moves and everybody perishes.

Well, with the help of the Haudi Solar System and the Galaxy, we made it through. However, Keta, that is Earth, has a lot of catching up to do if wants to become a thriving planet with humanoid life.

The desperate power struggles needed desperate measures. Popular Light symbols with clear meanings were adopted by The Dark in a hope to give their aim the necessary boost and to weaken for the other side. The 3 most important symbols with mixed meanings are the cross, the five-pointed star and the six-pointed star.

The cross, originally with equal legs, was the symbol of crossroads, where choices need to be made. According to AKIA Philosophy and ancient knowledge, choices bear equal importance. There are no wrong or right choices, for one always chooses the road that one is capable of walking. Today, it represents bloodshed and suffering.

The five-pointed star Venus, who entered the solar system at the beginning of the 5th Sun Age. It was the symbol of the star that represented peace and knowledge for humanity and the star followed by the 3 kings in the Christian mythology. Her name is Peace, Salem, in Sumerian, that was adopted by other semitic languages such as Arabic and later Hebrew. However, if you look around it is used in many Dark establishments and completely lost its fundamental meaning.

The origin of the six-pointed star is intriguing. The 2 equilateral triangles slipping into each other, represents the As Above So Below, that symbolises the fact that humanity needs to open and understand the universe if wants to have a chance of understanding the self. Today, it is widely called the star of David, the king of the Jews, who, by the way, was a Palestinian shepherd.

So, here we are, with the symbols. They are totally ruined by The Dark.

The next step

The next step is to scrap everything by learning from the past and leave it behind. The new era needs new foundation, for we cannot continue building the future on the debris of the past.

This step requires will-power and conscious living. All the man-made gap-fillers need to be removed and find the perfect ashlar of the universe.

The aim is vast. It needs new leadership, teamwork and new values with totally different educational system. The wholistic approach has to be adopted. The understanding of everything is interrelated changes individual goals. Money loses its reign and religions become private. This method brings in the most valuable knowledge for humanity, that every human being is equal.

Is it worth it?

Humanity is forced to take it on board that they cannot control everything, and graciously embrace events and possibilities handed to them by the universe.

This is the way not only to go forward, to live, but to merely exist.


We have a chance to live and thrive. We need to take it. The key to changing the mindset is logic. The universe is created with the laws of physics and mathematics. Miracles exist to those who do not understand how they are made. For someone has to create them. They are the result of actions.

The road is bumpy, painful and mysterious. So was the one, we followed for the last 3,000 years. We must look at it as a side road we took for experience and learning. Now, we know better. Or at least we want to know better. We might just want to learn from the Pleiadeans.

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© Zsa Zsa Tudos

22nd of January 2024

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